Google Drive Photos Deleted Without My Knowledge

I have had very few issues with google drive for years and now suddenly starting on Tuesday Sept 9th, 2014, I noticed that my google drive was syncing like 700 files and my storage space was almost fill. I was thinking why is it syncing all these files I haven’t added that many photos lately. So I started to dig around google drive on the web and on my iMac and I noticed that many photos were missing on google drive for the web. I then looked in the web trash can and there were all my photo folders, but how did they get there, I didn’t put them in the trash thats for sure. I then restored all the photo folders and thought that would be the end of it but it still isn’t right. All along I thought my google drive folder on my iMac was up-to-date and correct, but then I checked the folders on the 11th of Sept and they were also all screwed up!! What is going on with the google drive?? Now on 12 Sept, I check my google drive folders on iMac and web and many folders were moved to the trash right when I started up the computer??

Which location for google drive files is the master location, or is there a main or master location? I thought the files on my iMac were the master files, but it doesn’t seem like it since they were all screwed up. On 12 Sept 2014, I wrote to Google drive support to see if they have any idea what is going on. This comes right after the big Apple iCloud hack where many celebrity personal photos were hacked into and posted on the web. Is this Google Drive issue some kind of hack, or is Google drive just doing some weird stuff for some reason?

I changed my password for my Google account just incase someone might have hacked into my account.

I am going to start using Dropbox, Box, Amazon Photos, OneDrive(Old name was SkyDrive), or BitTorrent Sync more now.

Below are updates to my Google drive problem.

Update: Sept. 12, 2014, Response from Google:

Hi Robert,

Thank you for contacting Google Drive Support. I understand that it is confusing to experience this issue.

It’s giving me the impression that your iMac has a Sync Client (Google Drive app) installed in it. When you sync files between the Google Drive folder on your Mac/PC and Google Drive on the web, a local copy of the content is created on your computer. This is because your local Google Drive folder is designed to be a mirror of what you see on the web.

If you want to use Google Drive for keeping your content on the web, only, it can be done without having to install Google Drive for your Mac/PC. Here’s what you can try:
If you have Google Drive for your Mac/PC already installed, click on the Drive tray icon > Preferences > Disconnect account. Then you’ll be able to remove the local copies without syncing deletions to your web Drive.

Upload your files/folders using the red upload button next to ‘Create’.
Whenever you need access to a file, check the box next to it, click ‘More’, and ‘Download’. You can also preview many file types right in your Chrome browser with the built-in Drive Viewer. Learn more here:

To provide you better help, do send me screenshots of your iMac’s desktop.
If you have any more questions regarding your Google Drive, please reply to this email. I’m happy to help!


The Google Support Team

Update from May 4, 2015:

In the end, I don’t know why my Google Drive photos and folders were moved to the trash. To restore the photos and folders, I went to Google drive on the web and restored all the folders and photos from the trash and also on my iMac. I didn’t delete my Google Drive app on my iMac, I just kept everything like it was in the past and just hope it doesn’t happen again. My 40GB of storage on Google Drive is 95% full, so I have started using Dropbox more now. I like Dropbox but a major issue is it still does not support RAW images. I cannot believe it, it is May 4, 2015, and it still doesn’t support RAW images. I can save them in the folder, but I cannot view them on my Android or Apple mobile devices. Google Drive and OneDrive (used to be Skydrive) support viewing RAW images. I just signed up for Box today, May 5, 2105, but it doesn’t supports viewing RAW images either. So if you are like me and take RAW images, then you will need to use either Google Drive or OneDrive to be able to view them on your mobile devices.

Another option that I just found out about is Degoo. It is different than Google Drive or Dropbox. Degoo provides a backup service offering distributed file storage (you share hard drive space with other computers around the globe). They currently don’t have an app for Android or iOS, but they should have before the end of 2015. They offer up to 100GB of online storage for free, but it depends on how much hard drive space you share with other users and how often your computer is online. Currently Degoo users share on average about 6GB of storage. You can also get 1000GB cloud backup with Degoo and pricing starts at $3.99/month.

Let me know your thoughts or experiences with online storage companies and apps.

Take care, Bob