Here is a video showing examples of some HDR Photography (High Dynamic Range) that I have created in the past. This video was created for my HDR photography website These are a few years old, so my taste for HDR photography has changed since then. I prefer a more natural looking HDR image and not one that is overly processed. I see so many HDR images that are overdone, like the sky has dark and light spots and the clouds are so dark and black looking.

Also another tell tale sign that an image is a HDR image is when the edge of the sky is brighter where it meets some trees or other objects. When I make HDR images now, I try to eliminate this bright highlighted area where the sky meets trees.

What are your thoughts about HDR photography. What is your HDR style? Do you like to create HDR images that are still realistic/normal looking, or do you like to really add a strong HDR effect to your images? I wrote another blog post about if you have lost your excitement for HDR photography, you can read it here, Have you lost your excitement for HDR Photography?  I talked a little about my journey with HDR photography and how my taste for it has changed over the years, like I’m sure it has for most photographers out there.

I should really make a new HD video of my current HDR images, because the one in this blog post is a few years old and not very high resolution. So anyways, hope you like the video, thanks for stopping by and please leave a comment and share any pages/posts that you enjoyed on my website.