Paddle Boarder Has An Amazing Lifetime Experience With Two Big Right Whales In Esperance Australia

Paddle boarder amazing lifetime experience two big right whales Australia

This video of a paddle boarder paddling around two big right whales in Esperance Australia is simply amazing. I think if it happened to me I would probably be somewhat scared and maybe freak out a little, because they are SO big and SO close. I would be nervous that they might come at me and swallow me whole. It looks like the paddle boarder purposely keeps a little distance between himself and the whales, which was a smart thing to do. I wonder how good the paddle boarder could actually see the whales, being on the water surface he might see lots of glare off the water, and not be able to see the whales as good as we can from above with the drone.

I wonder how the videographer Jaimen Hudson found out about the paddle boarders encounter with the whales? Did the paddle boarder call him or was Hudson in the right place at the right time and saw the whales breaking the surface of the water by the paddle boarder? However it happened, it is a once in a lifetime experience that the paddle boarder and videographer had and captured it in HD video for all of us to enjoy.

I looked up some info on right whales and it said they are among the most endangered whales in the world, which is very sad to hear. Wikipedia said there are about 400 individuals in existence in the western North Atlantic Ocean. It also said that in the eastern North Atlantic, the total population reaches into the low teens at best – and scientists believe that they may already be functionally extinct. As usual humans are the main cause of their deaths. Wikipedia said “Vessel strikes and entanglement in fixed fishing gear, which together account for nearly half of all North Atlantic right whale mortality since 1970, are their two greatest threats to recovery.”