Our small swiss family skiing on  January 19, 2015, in Mörlialp Switzerland. Kayleen and Aidan LOVE skiing and Skylar slept most of the day in his sled bed.


Our specialists are at the heart of Robert Peterson Photography. We have all worked extensively at our craft to be the best that we can be. Each has his/her own unique gift to bring to the job.

Robert Peterson

Photographer & Owner

Loves photography, duh, loves sports, loves activities with Kayleen, Aidan, Skylar and Bridget, loves smartphones(pocket computers), loves TAPS Sports Baseball 2015.

Bridget Peterson


Loves baking, loves rollerblading, loves arts and crafts, loves music and playing the keyboard, loves activities with her family, loves traveling, loves shopping.

Kayleen Peterson

CEO & Backup Photographer

Loves dresses, loves ice cream, loves arts and crafts, loves swimming, loves playing with other kids, loves cupcakes and chocolate, loves caring for her baby brother Skylar, loves watching videos.

Aidan Peterson

Director & Backup Photographer

Loves playing sports, loves ice cream and chocolate, loves watching videos, loves playing with his cars, loves blueberries and raisins, loves building puzzles, loves biking and swimming.

Skylar Peterson

Baby & Events Manager

Loves eating, loves bothering his older brother and sister, loves crawling all over the apartment, loves standing up, loves smartphones, loves pulling hair, loves grabbing everything.

Christmas 2014

Skylar was born on November 7th, 2014, so in this Christmas photo he was about 1 month and 2 weeks old.


I want to show everyone the beauty of Switzerland and other places and things, and I am also hoping and praying to be able to make some money with this website to help support my wife and 3 small kids. Currently I am not making much money with my websites because of the costs of hosting them and not having enough genuine visitors/customers/fans/traffic. I want to make this a popular and interesting website where I will get visitors who return to see my new photos and updates, and hopefully some will buy some of the software and products that I am trying to sell on here. I will gladly sell copies of my photos, and I already am on Zazzle, so if you are interested in buying one of my photos, please write to me on my Contact page.

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I am an American living in Switzerland, and it has been very challenging to find a job here because of the language, my skills, my age, and my nationality. There are other reasons why my job search has been very difficult, but I think them are the top 4.

The main languages in central Switzerland are Swiss german and high german and since it has been very difficult to learn either one, I have looked mainly for english speaking jobs, which are few and far between.

My job skills are currently not what is in high demand here in Switzerland. I got an Associates degree in Electrical Engineering Technology back in 1992 and I worked as an electrical engineer/designer for about 13 years, where I designed wire harnesses/cables and other electrical components for Somero construction equipment. That experience was great but it didn’t prepare me so well for Switzerland. Here the electrical engineering skills that are in high demand are for software engineering, printed circuit boards and small electronic circuits, all of which I don’t have any experience with.

The issue with my age is that I am not in the ideal age group for most jobs in Switzerland. The ideal age range which they put in the job advertisements is like 25 – 35, and I am now 44 going on 45, which is the cutoff age in many job ads. Unlike the USA, in Switzerland they can put right in the job ad that they want someone young, like 25.

The fourth issue with my job search has been that I am American and not Swiss. It is more difficult to find a job if you aren’t Swiss or from the European Union and of course don’t speak the languages. I am in the process of hopefully getting my Swiss passport, so hopefully that will help in my job search.

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