Autistic Basketball Player Jason McElwain’s Inspirational Story

This is such an inspirational story about autistic basketball player Jason McElwain from Greece Athena high school in Rochester New York. He loves basketball, but because he is autistic, he was only the varsity basketball team manager. As he says in the video, his job as team manager was to get them motivated, hand out water, and be enthusiastic, and boy is he ever enthusiastic. He just adores basketball and is willing to do anything to help the team win, and finally he was able to help them on the court in the last game of the season during his senior year. His coach said he could suit up for the game, but not necessarily play, but with 4 minutes to play, coach Johnson pointed to number 52, Jason McElwain to enter the game. He air balled his first 20 footer, then missed a short shot by the net. His 3rd shot was the charm, it was his first of 6 three point shots that he made along with one 2 point basket. He caught fire and as Jason said, “I just caught fire, I was hot as a pistol.” He nailed a 3 pointer at the buzzer and the whole gym, fans and players went crazy with excitement for Jason. He finished with an amazing 20 points and said it was wonderful during the celebration after the buzzer when he was carried off on his players and fans shoulders.

They didn’t say if Greece Athena won the game or not, but judging by the celebration after his last shot, they must have won.

I think I saw this video a fews years ago, but watching it again, it just puts a smile on my face and it shows that there are still great news stories out there, not just the negative news that is shown on all the news programs.

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