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Lucerne Switzerland/Schweiz At Sunset

Sensational Lucerne Switzerland

On Sunday October 25, 2015, we went on our bikes to the (ICL) International Church of Lucerne Switzerland, and on our way there, we stopped in town because the Fire Department was having an exhibition. They were there because it was the Lucerne City Marathon that day, so they had something for the kids to see and do. They were giving fire truck rides and the kids could spray water at buckets and other things.

After church we stopped there again so the kids could ride in the fire trucks and while there I saw that it was becoming a very nice day and almost perfect for some photos from the old Lucerne wall towers. My wife was with her friend so I figured there were already two adults watching 5 young kids, so why do I need to be there, I should be able to dart off and take some photos from up on the tower. There was nice blue sky and some feathery clouds and the trees were about in peak autumn color stages.

I asked permission from the boss, a.k.a., my wife, if I could vacate the premises and go take some photos up on the tower. My boss said yes as I expected, so I hurried off to hopefully get some long awaited photos from up on the tower in almost perfect conditions. With two young kids and one toddler/baby it is hard to find the time to get out and take photos of this beautiful country.

Anyway, I climbed step by grueling step up the tower, probably about 1,000,000 steps, at about 4PM, and didn’t come down until 2 hours later and about 400 photos later. I was starting to get cold and my 3 memory cards were almost full.

I biked home in the dark with no bike light and was excited to see what I captured from the beautiful scene in Lucerne Switzerland. It was almost perfect conditions, except that there was a little bit of haze in the air, but thankfully not as much as usual. There was some beautiful bright orange clouds over Mount Pilatus during and after the sunset, and then I couldn’t believe it, a full moon rising over Mount Rigi in the east. It was just the perfect evening and I thanked God many times to be able to see his beautiful creation and that I was able to photograph it and get some pretty cool shots.

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I wish I could afford get a professional quality landscape lens and full frame digital camera so I could capture everything in the highest quality, but until then I do the best I can with my Canon 7D and 18-135mm Canon lens. This HDR image (High Dynamic Range) was created using Photomatix Pro 5 HDR software and then I did a little bit of enhancement work with Macphun Intensify software. One problem with the Canon 7D is it leaves some vertical lines/bands in some photos and in this photo I could see some of them in the sky. I read online about the vertical banding and there isn’t much you could do about it, just try and hide it with software like Canon’s Digital Photo Professional (DPP). They also have the problem on the Canon 5D Mark II, so I don’t feel so bad since the 7D is a much cheaper camera than the 5D MKII.

I took one more set of 3 bracketed photos to the left of this image, so I will process them and hopefully be able to create a nice panoramic of this Lucerne Switzerland scene. I will post it if it turns out great, stay tuned.

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